10 Interesting Fun Facts about Cakes

10 Interesting Fun Facts about Cakes
6 July, 2018

Yes we all send cakes online to our loved ones, wait for surprise birthday cakes from our family members and usually love digging into sumptuous cakes in general! However, have you ever wondered more about cakes, how they came into being and how inextricably they are linked with society down the ages? Probably not!

So, before you dispatch online cakes in Delhi or anywhere else to spread some love, warmth and good cheer on special occasions and brighten the faces of your loved ones, here are some fun facts about cakes that you should check out!

  1. Did you know that the word cake once equated to a hard baked (both sides) round of bread which was flat? Yes, it was in the middle Ages!
  2. The very first cupcakes got their name back in the late 19th century. This was because of these cakes being simply baked in cups (kind of obvious!). The back-story here is that the ingredients were measured in cupfuls and hence the name!
  3. In Latin, the anatomical term for cake is a surprising placenta which was named so for the flat shape.
  4. The fruit cake eating record is held by Sonya Thomas who in the year 2003, consumed a whopping 4lb 14.25 oz in only 10 minutes! Talk of power eaters!
  5. Those on the lookout for life partners can take a leaf out of a superstitious old English practice. Keeping a fruit cake under one’s pillow was expected to make one dream about the person he/she would get married to!
  6. The cake concept is attributed to the Romans in the 8th century. However, back then, cakes were created from regular bread, eggs and butter. As a sweetener, honey was used.
  7. You’ve most certainly heard about Red Velvet Cakes and relished them too. Legend goes that a woman once consumed this cake in a restaurant and fell in love with it. Upon asking for the recipe for Red Velvet Cake, the restaurant charged her a sum of $100. The miffed woman decided to circulate the Red Velvet Cake recipe everywhere in an act of revenge and hence this popular cake came into the mainstream!
  8. Southern United’s African-Americans started their own cakewalk dance contest. This equated to gracefully walking and the winners were given delicious cakes as prizes!
  9. The tallest cake in the whole world touched 108 feet, 3 inches and was made as a Christmas delicacy for students and staff at the Hakasima-Nilasari Culinary School located in Indonesia’s Jakarta. Some lucky students and teachers they were!
  10. The biggest wedding cake across the world was created by the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino chefs in Uncasville back in February 2004. This cake weighed an astonishing 15, 032 lb.

Bonus Fact:

The most expensive cake is a hitherto exquisite offering called the Pirates Factory. The price? $35 million!