A Thriving Industry

  • The bakery industry is one of the impressively growing sectors of the Indian F&B Industry.
  • The bakery industry in India is estimated at more than INR 2100 crores.
  • Cakes and pastries are growing at around 8‐10 percent annually.
  • The annual production of bakery products is estimated at 4.7 million tonnes.


In a prospective Franchisee, FNP looks for the following attributes:

  • Shared vision
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Able to devote time to the outlet
  • Able to meet financial requirements
  • Capability to motivate staff

You can own a business that is recession proof which makes earning profits your daily routine.



Forming Cake and Bakery Franchise Business at Affordable Rates

Cakes, pastries, chocolates are sweet delicacies which are perfect for every occasion for your loved ones. For many reasons, they are the most gifted items on this earth. No party or celebration happens without cakes and pastries. They are also perfect for your midnight sweet cravings. Not only that they also match the essence of each and every occasion and celebration that are generally enjoyed by the masses as well as classes. Therefore, opening a FNP Cakes outlet as a franchise business would be a great benefactor for you.

We do understand that opening a new business or using your hard earned money for investing in franchisee could be risky. But when the end product are widely popular cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, pastries, cookies etc., you can take a sigh of relief. Cakes are used in our everyday lives for celebrating various days and occasions and that is exactly where your opportunity of a cake franchisee lies. This new business idea that we have formulated is to help the budding entrepreneurs and businessmen with a fairly low investment window. We have the business plan ready and we are open for discussions.

Since we are planning to cover the major metro cities and the non-metro ones, you would have various options at your disposal. The major metro cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai have strong attendance of low investment franchise retail stores. The number of metro cities and upcoming metro cities is growing day by day and so are the opportunities with FNP Cakes n More.

Just like the way, our sprawling e-commerce business caters to almost all over India, our FNP Cakes franchise business is also walking the same path. From creating new employment opportunities in the non-metro cities to providing a classy gift, the presence of low investment cake franchise stores are therefore beneficial. With a meagre investment plan already discussed above, budding businessmen of non-metro cities now have every reason to rejoice. The brand equity of Ferns N Petals along with its immense quality and quantity of cakes and other gift items would therefore spread a dazzling smile on faces of people belonging to non-metro cities.

How to start your Own Cake Franchisee business?

The joy and art of being a baker knows no bounds. The power to create something delectable out of flour, sugar, milk etc. is unimaginable. Since imagination has no limits, so will the cake designs be on the similar paths. Owning a cake franchise business of FNP Cakes n More will provide you with this opportunity to be the in charge of creating such cakes and spreading the joy across the customers. Everyone has a liking towards cakes and if you can transform this into a business, then there is nothing better. Owning a business also makes you attached emotionally to it and also the other people who place orders.

The Big Market of Cakes - Which Franchise Programme to Look Out for?

In a country like India, where ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’ is synonymous with every meal, where no party is complete without cakes, pastries being smashed, where cakes can never go out of style, owning a franchise business of FNP Cakes n More is going to be the best option for you.

No matter the festival, occasion, reason, season, special days, anniversary, birthday, father's day, friendship's day, rakhi etc., people will surely place the order for cakes. No matter they buy hundreds of gifts, flowers etc., but a cake is mandatory to mark these special occasions.

FNP Cakes N More is a sister concern of the giant Ferns N Petals, which is a solid established name in the gifting industry for the last 20 years. We are engaged in this business for a long time and with our gifts retail store and floral franchisees in all the major cities of India, we have transformed the idea of gifting. Similar is our vision with FNP Cakes n More and the idea to create more business opportunities for you is our main aim. We want to change the entire cake and bakery franchise business by offering a world class business model.