7 Best Cake Decorating Tips

7 Best Cake Decorating Tips
6 July, 2018

Birthdays and other occasions are incomplete without cakes as we all know. We all love to surprise our loved ones and send cakes online to Gurgaon and other parts of India. When it comes to cakes, there are plenty of choices available for you these days including delicious and appealing designer cakes online. Do you love baking cakes yourself and experimenting with flavors? Here are some cake decorating tips that you should not miss:

  • Freezing- It is important to freeze the layers of the cake for 1 hour or even more before frosting. This will help in firming up the surface to perfection. You should allow the layers to properly cool and level the same prior to wrapping separately or individually and separate with parchment paper. In case you wish to keep the cake frozen for up to a week or more, ensure that you have a foil layer on top of the plastic wrap which will prevent any other odors from entering.
  • Crumb Coat- This is a thin frosting layer which will help in avoiding loose crumbs appearing on the outside. Once you have stacked the layers with your preferred fillings or frosting, make use of your offset spatula for spreading out this thin frosting layer outside. Once you dip the spatula into your frosting bowl, ensure that it is scrape off in another small bowl for keeping loose crumbs at bay. Any crumb frosting in the small bowl can be reused when the crumb coat is being applied. A bench scraper can be used for smoothening out the edges before you keep the cake for a few minutes in the freezer.
  • Bench Scraper- When decorating your cake, you’ll naturally want to get edges for the final layer and crumb coat which are smooth. Use a bench scraper in one hand and use your other hand to fasten onto the turntable. Keep rotating and press the scraper upwards against the side of the cake evenly. Pressure releases should be gradual while rotating and scraping.
  • Scallops- This is an easier way towards cake decoration. You require a small spoon and Ziploc bag. Fill up a corner of the big Ziploc bag with frosting and get the corner snipped off. The tip should be held in a perpendicular direction to the cake surface and medium-sized dollops should be piped in a single vertical line from the bottom to the cake top. Use the spoon, press into the dollop and horizontally swipe. Repeat for the dollops in a particular column.
  • Piping- Piping is another great decoration tip! Have a star piping tip at hand for creating a cake with roses. Keep the tip held perpendicular to the cake surface where you wish for the rose center to be located. You can then put pressure to the piping bag when you go outwards. Release pressure once the rose attains the size that you want. The swirls will keep folding over themselves, making new dimensions if you keep the piping tip unaltered. For covering with tiny stars, a star piping tip can be kept perpendicular to the cake surface and dollops can be piped all throughout the cake. A petal piping tip can be used for creating ruffles and from the bottom, you can go up.
  • Marzipan cutouts- These cutouts are great for decorating your cake. You can get liquid food and gel kneaded into marzipan and once this is rolled out, the preferred shapes can be cut out and stuck on the cake. You can use powdered sugar for dusting the marzipan in case it feels a little sticky.
  • Writing- You can practice writing on cakes with the small round shaped piping tip. The shape of the cake can be traced on parchment and practiced to get the lettering, sizing and shape absolutely correct. Piping on frosting which is firm will be a good idea so keep the cake in your freezer for some time prior to writing.